Why I hate shopping for clothes!

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I hate shopping for clothes. most of the clothes I have her 5 to 6 years old and I need to get some new things to wear. I went to the store today and picked out whole shopping cart full of things that I liked that were the right size. I must have walked away from my cart for 2 or 3 minutes and when I came back my whole cart full of stuff was gone. it took me about an hour and a half to find everything that I put in there.

It’s hard enough to find things that fit that I like and I had to go re-find everything go all over again!! I was so mad but could not say all the bad word i was thinking because a few kids were around. I managed to go back and find it most of what I really wanted and got into the checkout line. While I was waiting in the line I noticed that two of the shirts I picked out head threads pulled on them and we’re basically no good. When it  was my turn to pay I asked the lady if I could pay for those two anyway and then just go back and switch them so I wouldn’t have to wait in line again. she said no I wasn’t allowed to do that but I could go run back and find them and bring them back to the line and pay but there was about 10 people behind me and I didn’t want to hold the line up so I just told her I didn’t want them.

I have to go back to that store because one of the shirts that I bought did not fit right so when I return it I’ll probably go back and find the other ones that I did not get because of the pulled thread issue. When I got home I went online and found a pair of Vans Toms and Puma sneakers for the gym and running again…. possibly …omg the pain.!!

Well i cant think of anything else so Ill end it here!

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