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Hello, I know it’s been a while but I have been busy.  I meant to write sooner about our trip to Logans grandparents house last weekend.  We had a great time there.  He misses than a lot because he doesn’t get to see them much.  They were just as happy to see and they enjoy having him there.

While we’re there we visited all the relatives who live around their.  Logan really enjoyed visiting his nieces and nephews because he doesn’t get to see them much either.  They had a lot of catching up to do.

As all grandparents do, they spoil him, but in a good way.  His grandmother would cook what ever he wanted for dinner.  She even made an excellent cheesecake especially for him and another one for us to eat.  It was so good I could have eaten the whole thing by myself but I didn’t.  Logan & I like pretty much the same foods but Logan is picky about some meats.  He is good about trying different foods but usually does not care too much for meats.  They bought him a few games for his Game Boy Advanced and their X-Box 360.  He got to test them out a lot while he was there without getting into trouble for it.  He would have if he were at home with his mother.  He loves it when he is out from under his mother’s watchful eyes.  He can just be himself, a good normal great seven-year-old boy.

His grandparents live near the beach so we went to the shore and played at an arcade along the boardwalk for about two hours.  They had a hunting game that he loved playing.  He got to shoot rams, wild boars, deer, and other animals that he was really not supposed to shoot, but he did just for the fun of it.  All the games gave out tickets which you can turn in four prizes.  He did pretty well by collecting about 220 tickets.  He had little trouble choosing what he wanted for his tickets but he managed to use them all.  He was happy with what he chose.

I wish that we could go down to visit them every weekend that I have been bought it is about a two-hour drive and the cars that I have had lately were not to dependable.  The car that I have now, a purple in 1995 Ford Escort two-door, made it there are Intact without a hitch.

Even though my ex-wife does not get along with her parents and would never consider taking our son to visit his grandparents on her own, I think it’s important.  I do not have memories of grandparents at all.  I cannot remember my mothers or father’s parents at all.  I try to give my son not only what he needs but what I never had his age.  At least I can enjoy it through him.

I have 100 reasons to thank his Gramdparents for having us over for the weekend and all they did to make it a special weekend for both of us to remember forever.  So if they read this, thank you so much 100 times over from both of us, we had a blast and hope to come back soon.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    I thought stepp by for a visit and say "Hi". I saw your Space Url on Mark’s space and wondered what’s going on……This is horrible Tom. When I hear about things like that it upsets me quite a bit, since I was/am in the same situation like you. Right now I have to go, I am late for work, but I will be back for sure, maybe we can talk a little about things…
    I’d like to invite you to my friends list but it didn’t let me do it. Maybe I’ll just add you to my favorite spaces if you don’t mind. I bet there a lot of men who feel like you do…..very sad…
    Have a good week,
    I’ll be back!

  2. Hi Tom,
    OMG, I just made the loooongest comment I’ve ever made in my internet history…….and the internet clicked off before I added it. THIS makes me angry!!! Wow, I am so sorry……I am waiting to hear back from this sattelite internet company, hope I am able to get their service, right now I am on dial-up, with very anique phonelines, so old we can’t get even DSL.
    I red a little in your space and it drives the tears to my eyes.
    Just very short I wanted to let you know: My husband died in 2002 in an accident at work. We were seperatedback then, but still, he was my son’s father and now he is not there anymore. I think your ex wife should realise how preacious it is for your son to have a dad, how important it is that he is happy with you.
    I red your entry "Sadness" and it upset me a lot. Of course your son likes to be with you rather than with his mom. It looks like he is getting a hard time when he is gone back home….I can tell you stories about this, well, I wrote it in the comment wich didn’t save….
    I wish for you, that your son’s mom will wake up and instead of giving him a hard time when he comes home, she’ll give him a BIIIG HUG and tells him that he loves him and that she’s happy that he had fun……I hope she’ll do this. Your son need the both of you!!! He shouldn’t feel guilty having fun with you.
    Oh I think I am getting emotional again.
    One of my favorite things is playing Playstation 2 with my son. First I thought to myself I’ll never play these games and now he has me hooked, lol. Sometimes we play in the mornings before he goes to school, before the bus picks him up, that’s about 6:30 to 7:10 am, lol. OMG, this sure get’s your blood presure going, lol!!! Favorite game: ATV3 racing
    I hope I’ll get this with the internet going, so I have something faster and more reliable. Hope this comment saves…..
    You are a good dad Tom. From what I red so far you are a kind and caring person. Please stay like this and spend every day with your son like it’s the last.
    Have a wonderful week!
    P.S.: I am happy I found your space!

  3. One thing I want to recommend and that is that your son be around people who make him feel comfortable.  Use yourself as a model.  And anyone who doesn’t fit that profile are people that he should not be around.  The reason I say this is because with all that is going on in his life, he should always be feeling as happy as possible.  I wish I had that when my parents were putting me through hell with the divorce. 
    I hope you win this one!!!

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