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I have to go to the court house to see if my records are available for me to look at. I have a right to see them but when a trial or something is scheduled they take the files/records to the judges chambers a week or two a head of time. They stay there until they feel liike taking them back to records. I have always had a hard time with them about them. I make them mad when I ask them to go and find where they are and bring them here. I used to say ok and leave but it always happened until I made them get my files/records.
Not much else new with me. Just waiting for the upcoming trials. The first is on the 14th and I have my atty with me on tis one so I will not have to say much. It is for the PFA thing. Protection From Abuse, thats funny, she abuses her self more than anyone could. And does a great job of it too…tom g

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  1. I’m sorry, Tom. The one thing that me and my soon to be ex agree is that the kids come first no matter what! I wish that people would see what this does to the kids! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}~~SanDee~~P.S. If you need a smile, come visit my site to play catch.

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