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I know ive been kenda lazy not wrriting n all. sorry!  Sat was my visit w/mi kid. pivked him up at 11:00am. His sneakers were getting kinda old so i stopped at wal-mart and bought him a new pair. He pick out a cool pair soze 13s. they are white and light up on the sides. He doesn’t like to tie laces so he chose a pair that have velcro straps across the top insstead of laces. I also let him pick a pc game cd. He chose a hunting & fishing game. i could not install it on my laptop this time because my cd drive is a drive kit that uses a usb plug to connect and i for got the usb cable. He did not mind because i downloaded some free games from msn games. they were Gadgets, u put parts together to make a machine to do a certain task. Atomander, this 1 is similar to Galaga. A space battle where u have to shoot down the enmy spaceships to get more lives & ships. there is a lot of bad guys to look out 4. 1 called magic ball 2, its got this bal u have to bounce across block shaped like buildings n stuff u have to knock down w/the ball. if u knock down many in a row u can get multiple ball, and bonus points. ist got a lot of levels. it rained all the time i had him, so we couldnt go out side. He loved the games. we ate peanutbutter n jelly sandwiches for lunch and bananas for desert. when i took him home at 3:30pm he thanked me for sneaks and playing  laptop games w/ him. He is such a great kid i will miss him alot til my next visit. well gots 2 go 4 now. i hope not to take too long to write again.  

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