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Well today was a great day:) I actually got the back ssi Ive been fighting for over the last three or so years. Now I can start looking for another place to live. I have been searching the web for places to move. I decided to try to buy my next home outright. No more rent for me. I do not care if I have to get a double wide modular or nice 3BR 1.4 bath trailer. I have no problem with that as long as I do not have to pay a mortgages. Maybe about $300 + – for lot rent.
Once I find a place Then I can file for more visits. Maybe even joint/equal custody. My ex always use my neighborhood against me in court. If you go back through my entries you might see why I could not argue with over that fact. I do not think it should have mattered but because it made her uncomfortable, I didn’t fight her over it. Back then I did not think I’d be here for four years or that agreeing then would hurt my relationship with my Son for so long. Hopefully thing will start moving quickly to remove this weapon from her arsenal of weapons against for visitations. I could not knock the "wall" down all at once, so I am tearing it apart brick by brick. Many more bricks but just a little more time now.
Thanks to all who support my "struggles" for helping to kick the "wall"…tomg  

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  1. hey, been reading your blogs,ignore ignorant people…its really not worth your time(bad comments)!! Good Luck with getting a home for you and your sweet little boy,stay strong and keep the raith,and God Bless you and your little boy!! :)alias_angelchick

  2. Good Luck with your demolition job, you can do it ^.^ i keep looking at the pictures of the album "the love of my life" and they are soo beautiful.. your son reminds me of my cousin, whos mother is fighting in Iraq. they seem to have a lot of the same intrest (spongebob/jimmy neutron computer games ect.) oh and by the way, i made a space go there and comment or whatever, thanks for the email im glad to hear that your fighting one step at a time, just try to stay on top of alllllll of the stuff thats going on and take it one thing at a time

  3. Hey Tom,Just checking in to see how things are going. Congrats, on a great day! It seems like you are definitely tearing down "the wall", my friend! Just keep your head up , and your goal in site! You know the payoff is worth it!-JC

  4. Hey! That’s Great! You should move to Iowa, it’s a great place, low taxes. Lol. Anywho, I’m glad it’s all slowly working out. I knew it would! I hope you can eventually get full custody of your son. That would be best. Although women seem to have an advantage in custody cases (please no-one scream at me for that). Have a great day!

  5. sounds like good times are ahead for you. i would like to have a house one day, mortgage might be cheaper than current rent. – bunny

  6. I’m gonna come back later to read your blogs – I was just passin’ thru and started reading, but I gotta go home and I don’t want to stop reading!It’s such a shame that you actually WANT to see your child and your having such a hard time! I’ll be back to read some more!Take care ~ Christine

  7. I am so glad that you are doing well and you are ready to move. it will be good for you to get out and own your own home no matter what it is. You will find something and I hope it is good. Make sure it is in a good neighborhood so you can have your son there.

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  10. Hey Goober Bubblejuice — glad you stopped by. I will have to get this book for my grandchild. It was fun to see everyone’s name and my family now calls each other by the new name. Have a great weekend.Deb

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  12. HolaGod bless you and your fam. A warm greeting for you and all your loved ones from the island of Puerto Rico. Until next time i’ll be back to check how you doing and read your space often. Your friendLuis Alberto

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  15. Hey tom! Sorry I havent stopped for a while…life has a way of happening 🙂 It’s great to see you doing so well! I am commending you for now giving up, as I personally know so many that would just think the task at hand is just too big and would give up without trying. It takes a stronger person to keep fighting and hanging on. You son will grow up with those same strengths…thats something to be very proud of! You’re always in my prayers. Echoo

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