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Does anyone care if words are mispelled? I have received a few coments about my spelling and just have to say yes, i do know to spell and i did graduate from high school. I write for my own pleasure and if i choose not to write right thats my right. I like the infomal idea. It encourages those who may not be able to spell to leave a comment. Most people have the smarts to know not to take my spelling as a reflection of who i am. If my spelling was that big an issue MSN would not choose this space to feature. If its good enough for them, its good enough for me.

What do you think, spell check or don’t spell check?

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  1. You dont need to spell check I think your space is awesome and nobody should care how you spell and they shouldnt use it as a reflection of you, I think you sound like a great guy, I wish you the best.

  2. I have no problem with spelling with the fact that I am doing English 11 and 12 in school and was an A student in spelling and even I make spelling mistakes. don’t we all?

  3. Spell check please! Without it you give the reader the wrong impression. Though not sure if it is that important to you or not. Before reading this one I had the impression that you were a well meaning, kind father but basically illiterate. For whatever it is worth!

  4. Oh tell the spell check police to get a life and bite your hinnie !what is this world coming to?just write what you feel, maybe the spell checkers just need to learn to read better !

  5. I say, do not worry about spelling! I feel spelling is the least important asset but nothing can be more important than one who can communicate well and in an original style. Spell check is for people who are worried about what others think, I for one, appreciate one whose thoughts are provoking and inspiring, and if the authors wants to spell well, then fine. It simply is never the first priority.

  6. hey bud, I didnt get to read all of your entries, but I read enough to get the point. I too went through a seperation, two kids involved. It didnt take long for me to learn just how biased our justice system really is. It makes me sick and very sad. I had to beg , literally beg my x for me to even talk to my kids and therre was nothing I could do about it. I really wanted to kill her at times. There was other things too like the way I was treated by family maintenance- like a criminal. All I wanted to be was a dad to my kids, it was the most horrible thing i ever had to go through.I have so many things I want to add but it would take me a very long time so I will end it here for now. If you care to hear more, email me back

  7. Man, I relate in the most severe way. My wife divorced me, out of the blue, over a year ago. We have a 4 year old daughter. My father passed, unexpectedly 2 years ago. To know that someone else has the same struggles as me, kind of makes me feel less self centered. I am not the only one. I don’t know, but everything you are going through, is a mirror of my situation. I wish you luck, you will need it, because, your strength, and others support, are usually not enough alone. You have to evolve, and I am learning that as I go. I could use a pen pal to help me out sometime, so if you have time, keep in touch. Good luck bro.

  8. I can relate with you in many ways, i have been going thru the divorce thing for about a year and a half now and she just keeps dragging it out. She makes twice the money i do yet insists that i be pennyless. fortunately when it comes to the kids, we can agree and always have their best interest in common i am thankful for that every day!!! But you are right the system sucks for us dads…keep in there and keep being the best dad you can, it is tough sometimes, but it is the most important thing!!!

  9. Your blog is amazing. I have not had the chance to read all entries yet. What I have read is very sad, heartwarming, enlightning, sincere, among just a few words I can come up with off the top of my head. Your story has brought many people to your space. It is quite obvious you have become a great inspiration for many people who are going through the same things you are. I wish you the best of luck. It doesnt matter if you mispell some words. What matters is the lives you are reaching by sharing your story. Your Son is adorable by the way… Good luck to you. ~Blankey~

  10. Commenting on someone’s spelling is completely anal, especially on the Internet. People who do this must have an inferiority complex and this is how they boost their ego. Don’t let the jerks get you down. ;P

  11. *smiling*Hey, Tom…no need to reply to me on this…but I hope you know that it only bugs me in my own space because I’m just weird like that. I only added the link *if* it mattered to you.You are far from illiterate. You are articulate and occasional typos doesn’t make you seem illiterate. Some people are so dang rude and bored and trivial. They can’t find anything else to be nasty about so they harp on that. Yah, well, life is bumpy ride, people, and if the hardest thing you ever have to deal with is reading something that contains a typo – lord love a frick – I want YOUR life.It’s late. Insomnia is gripping me and shaking me. But I’m heading for the pillows!Sayonara!

  12. I think spelling is very unessential unless it’s very bad; it’s the ideas and thoughts that drive emotion and make life worth living or reading about. Incidentally, I often don’t bother with capitals either or use punctuation incorrectly but I don’t think it makes me less of a person.

  13. hi , i am writing this from canada ,just want you to know that it is the same here ,dads get the shaft ,the system is totaly unfair i have fought it for almost 20 yrs and it plays you out mentally ,you almost start believing that you are a terrible person ,there is no allowance for a life after a wife up and leaves without notice ,you can starve and live in a box on the street as far as the system is concerned . i think it needs to change big time .a marriage break up is hard enough as it is ,we should be allowed a new life as well as our ex wives . you seem to have other challenges as well i can only tell you what keeps me going through it all and that is my faith in jesus christ ,just knowing someday i will be with him and this mess will be over keeps me going and somwwhat sane !!! keep going no matter what ,anything else lets the ex win again !take care and i like your site alot .

  14. Hello Tom, you visited my blog, thank you, and now I’m visiting yours…I’ll put a link on my blog, unless you’d rather me not.I said what you said about spelling, in different words maybe, but same thing — I mean, I have enough pressure to get things perfect in my writing (novels, creative non fiction and the like) without having to get that perfection on my blog. My blog is for fun and leisure….so, PATOOOIE I spit on spell checkers LOL:-) nice blog

  15. Hello…..I just stopped by to let you know how much I enjoyed your space….It’s not very often you see a father like you and it truly made my day. Keep doing what you are doing, and good luck with everything ahead. I have added you to my space, hope you don’t mind. Have a wonderful day.Crystal

  16. Who cares what others think Tom. Their ignorant anyway, if thats all they think about. We all get the words. My space is full of mistakes cause i type as fast as I think, which is pretty damn fast I have a rollercoaster mind. Don’t worry about them others. Don’t do a spell check unless you want to, I don’t.Take care,patty

  17. Tom – first time visitor, MSN really did a good job picking you. I think this is a great way for you to express your feelings and thoughts! You sound very proud of your son and have a great attitude for all you going through and have went through. We all of our own situations and depending on the person (selfish ones) no one’s problems are nearly as important as theirs – Firecat. I have no idea if they have problems, don’t get me wrong, but but form they way they have expressed themselve, they are a rude person with absolutely no compassion. – anyone with common sense knows that Tom bought him the shoes because he wanted to do something directly for his son without anyone else involved. That’s the joy of buying something for someone. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I was raised to believe in the "if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all" saying. Evidently Firecat hasn’t heard that before or has chose not to practice it.Anyways, sorry to make this about Firecat, I just couldn’t enjoy reading about you with that in the back of my mind. Keep going Tom, we truely love hearing about your life.

  18. Spell check in a blog??? Nahhhh.Spell check is only necessary in office documents, memos, and letters pertaining to the work environment. Blogging is a personal thing… kinda like chatting. Have you noticed how people type in a chat room or instant messaging??? It’s ok, and you’re doing just fine. This is Karen from NY, by the way, and your "space" is great! Have a nice day!

  19. Ha, you are a single parent. Anyone in your shoes would understand that with all you have to deal with and on your mind, that spelling would certain come last.Anyway, I just read through several of your posts…There certainly needs to be more fathers in the world like you. Being a single mom with a son, I certainly wish more men would take your example.I’ll be reading often. Take care, Tom.

  20. Hi Tom – I wanted to pop in earlier just to say congratulations in case I didn’t have time to get back here today. My mom died when I was 14. I live in Upstate New York and she is buried in Jersey where we lived when she died. Approx a year after she died, my dad moved us away. I have been to my moms grave a few times, alone and with my sister. I don’t feel guilty that I don’t go often. My mom is in my heart. I often look at old pictures (especially around Mother’s Day). I like to keep her memory alive both for myself and for my children. That has not always been easy for me, as my mom died of a cerebal hemorage.(OMG did I spell that right?). She was a bit violent when she died.The circumstances of her death make no difference to me. It is her life that made the difference. And pictures and memories help make her real to my kids.Don’t forget me now that you are famous! Hang in!Debbie

  21. To me spelling doesn’t matter online unless you are typing a very formal message, or if you’re trying to mean business. Just tell these corrective pukes to bugger off.

  22. Well, you can ignore what other people think, but as you are finding out, other people now are determining what your relationship with your son will be. It might be to your advantage to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. Reading your posts, I get the impression that you might be somewhat immature. Not sure if it’s the spelling or the attitude. I’m also a divorced father of three. My ex stole $85,000 of family funds, and then spent the last six years telling the kids that it was my fault that the marriage broke up. The two older kids can now realize what went on, but the youngest is still estranged, even though I had shared custody and 50% placement. I haven’t seen my youngest son for more than a couple of hours, usually on Christmas, in the last six years. Since my wife cleaned out my IRA accounts without telling me, or the IRS, I have to start thinking about retirement. I could spend thousands taking her to court, if I had it, but being 16, they will ask my son where he prefers to live, and that will be the end of it. One thing I’ve learned is to hang in there, because if you love them, eventually they will come to realize that. They stick with Mom in a time of crisis because they have either been manipulated, or because they don’t realize that they have other options, and the courts don’t care what’s going on as long as the state doesn’t have to pay for them. I used to wonder whatever would possess a man to attack his ex wife? Now, when I read about those big shootouts and stabbings, I wonder what the wife did to put the guy over the top. It’s all perspective.

  23. I have noticed since people have mentioned spelling, your spelling has improved…I think you just type too fast, with FEELING. Sorry I mentioned it. Again, good luck to you.

  24. I think spellcheck – not that I don’t enjoy your space or anyone’s space because of misspelling, but I sometimes have a hard time catching the meaning of something if I have to stop and figure out what the word(s) is/are supposed to be. Have to read it twice. You have a great space – spelled correctly or not!

  25. Who cares what other people say about your spelling. This is your space, forget spelchek. If you spend time worring about spelling and grammer that would take aways from why your blog in the first place.

  26. Personally, proper spelling is a reflection of self when the medium is typing words. Spelling is the way we all communicate with each other through a blog and spell check only takes any extra moment… If you are smart, why hide it? Congrats on that whole “graduating high school” milestone.

  27. The love of my life is now 63 yrs. old. In his earlier life, he joined the rodeo before finishing school. He can’t spell well, but he is the smartest, kindest person I’ve ever met…seems the less people are worried about the spelling, the more common sense they have! Kudos to you!! ~Gracie

  28. TomI admire you for your willingness to open yourself up……..as for spell check I think it is important but, spell check doesn’t mean that a word spelled correctly isn’t being used incorrectly grammatically……….communication is difficult at best in a face to face situation however, in this ever growing virtual world the ability to communicate so as to be understood, without assumption, is imperative.the ability to clearly, and concisely express your ideas, feelings, and emotions does mean proper spelling and good grammar………I realize this is your blog, and you can misspell whatever you chose but, if it is your desire to express yourself as you hope to grammar and spelling are important. I wish for you all the satisfaction of working together with your ex to raise your son because of course he is the most important person………

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