Soldier Sings Rihana Song

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I saw this article about this soldier, Paul Iloilo Ieti whho did a awesome job a singing Rihaha’s songsoldier sings a rihaha song “Stay”. He looks like just another soldier taking advantage a some downtime to make this video.

With all the chaos and death happening over there it is good to see some joyful momnets coming from them. He could be making money from singing but chose to serve his country during wartime.

I saw it first here:

“Soldier with killer pipes belts out angelic take of Rihanna’s ‘Stay’

“Look at this soldier, Paul Iloilo Ieti, at the very start of this video. He looks like your basic dude in uniform, relaxing on a folding table. Speaking, he sounds like a regular guy. He’s pleasant, and seems kind of bored as he swings his legs and eats his cereal, which he says is the best in the world. Then he starts singing, and it’s like you got slapped upside the head with a giant hunk of WTF?! The man has an angelic, high-pitched, flawless voice, and Rihanna’s “Stay” is the perfect song to display his sublime talent. It will have you marveling at the diverse skills and talents of our fighting forces.”

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