Me A Long Time Ago

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This was me way back in the late 80’s. If I look scared in the military photo I was bc It was only day 3 of basic training and I was thinking “what the hell did I get myself into”…lol. It got better once we got to shoot at stuff. The school photo I cant remember what grade I was in when it was taken.

I plan to use this site to post photos that I have been collecting over the years. Also of stuff i am into like computer repair and website creation/designing and seo tips.

Bookmark this site ands stop back and check it out when there is more added. I have many sites I have to create content for so bc this a personal site it will prob not e top on the list of stuff to do. I have to put other jobs first. I hope to post here about 2x a week and share out to FB, twitter, Google+ and others so you might see it on those sites too