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Rosa Parks, a great hero, died last week:( Of all the fighters for equality, She was my favorites. She stood up for what She thought was fair and just. She took all that She could and in refusing to give up her seat, She started a "fire" that still burns today.

When I was in third grade we started to go to the library. One of the first books I checked out was about Rosa Parks. I loved reading and this one book would shape my way of thinking for years to come. I would never let anyone take advantage of me. If I thought I, or anyone else, was being treated unfairly I spoke up. One example; I once worked a Sears auto center and they often would tell me to push unneeded work on the elderly and women. I refused to do it and was given a choice. I quit that day and wrote the local papers to let the public know to look out for this kind of discrimination. I never planned to changing the world or anything like that, but if more people stood up for equal rights and equality for all, it might change things faster. It all started with one fed-up person refusing to allow it to happen.

I was going to post a book report I did about Rosa Parks in the 6th grade but I thought it would be more interesting to let you/visitors write a bit about her life or how She might have affected your life. Please do not write her whole life history in one comment. If you know of a great site or pics of her life, leave the link. One thing I’ve been wondering about is what ever happened the the guy she refused to give up her seat to? I’d like to interview him now if he’s still alive. What if he never asked her to move, would things be worse, the same, or better? hhhmmm??…tom g

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