No Visit this weekend:(

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I can’t remember the last time I missed a visit. I hope he will not think it is not because I forgot about him. It really makes me sad to have to miss it but I do not want to get into any more courts date than I do now. I could have my atty arrange it for me legally. He is allowed to contact her. It says so in the no contact order for the harassment  allegation. I choose not to. I do not want to make her more angry.
I am finding it hard to sleep again. Every time I try, I start thinking of all this crap going on and have to get back up to take my mind off the subject. I just don’t seem to be tired. I could get some pills from my DR. but they make me feel sick. They make me sleep but sick as a dog. I rather not go that route. I will find a way to put thing on the back burner for a while until I need to think about them again.
I still can’t write about a lot of the things I’ve been in the past. I know It must be getting boring around here but when things get through the trials I will update. I have another trial for the PFA on 10/14 but my atty has another case that day and may have to re-schedule it. I have to go for arraignment for the harassment charge on 10/21. It is only to plea not guilty, ask for jury trial and date. Her trial to attempt to take away all my visits is not scheduled yet. I have to answer her petition by 9/30 4:30 PM.
I guess thats about it for now…tom g

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  1. Tom I finially got the nerve to write ,,,,I know everyone is wondering who I am .Well I am the ex mother in law and I am on your side tom . I wish there was something I can do to help you .I raised her up right but I blame myself for I sould of seen how sick she really is . Please forgive me for not seeing that when she was a child. I miss my grandson as much as you do Keep your chin up One day it will all work out !!Love Mom .

  2. Tom I know what its like not to see your son. for I didnt get to see my two oldest kids. Its hard but be strong and youll get through this and your son will too. my prayers are with you.

  3. WOw….you really are going through a lot right now. You seem to be in a mess. That is not good. I think a jurry trial will do you good. Maybe also get her a psychic evaluation. I dont know about that but you go and do that. It is crazy.

  4. It makes me so sad that any Mother would want to keep a child from their father. I understand if the child was in danger in any way, but as long as there is a loving environment, there is no reason a child should be kept from their father. My daughter is 6 years old, and her father has always been in her life. Women should not use their children to get back at the father just because of how she feels towards him. When two people are no longer together, it isn’t about them anymore, it is only about the child and the fact that they should always have both parents in their lives. Your ex is the one who will suffer when your son is older, he will resent her for doing this to you. Just look forward to the day your son can make his own decisions, because I know he is going to want to be with you. You seem like such a wonderful father. Good luck!

  5. my god Tom you have your mother-in-law on your side thats greattell her its not her fault that her daughter is this way its the daughter and daughter alones faultTom there is nothing worse than not seeing your child/children its like your heart has been ripped from your chest at times,,,,Just stay strong man i wish nothing but the best for you and your son,,,,take care tom

  6. I’m sorry that you didn’t get to see your son…I’m possitive things will get better.Your son is getting older and some day, I pray he will see what his own Mom is doing and will stand up for himself. A child has a right to see both of his parents.I grew up with parents going through a horrible divorce. My dad use to bad mouth my mom a lot. I finally had enough when I got older and told him were to go.Just be a good dad, like you have been, and never stop fighting for your son!~♥~Michele~♥~

  7. Hello Tom,I want to let your mother in law know that you can raise a child up right, but they still have unknown reasons to act the way they do at times. Since you raised her up right, I am positive she will come around to realize Tom and her have your precious grandson together and together they shall share his life. He deserves to know them both, I keep them all in my prayers everynight. Don’t worry Mrs. Mom she will return to her self. Tom, I get to the point of not sleeping myself at times, I hope you can sleep tonight.

  8. Dear Tom,As someone that has recently decided to end a marriage that produced 3 children together, your struggle is touching. I know that some couples are so set in hurting each other or at least one of the people that they forge that the person/people they’re hurting most is the kids.I wish you well. Good luck with everything and I hope everything works out for the best for your child.PS: Kudos to mom-in-law.

  9. Sweetie, I feel for you. I can’t imagine the pain. For your sleep issues, maybe you could try Tylenol PM? It has worked for me, it is safe and non-habit forming. {{{Hugs}}} -Jen

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