No Visit This Sat.

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I just found out that my bro in-law has to work this Sat. so he won’t be able to take me to pick up my son. This sucks but he’s been really cool about taking me. I cant’remember the last time he was unable to take me.

I called my ex to let her know I prob. won’t be picking him up. I hoped she would offer to bring him to me. I asked if she could & wasn’t surprised when I got "NOOOOO". She did give til 10:00am to call I find a ride.

I still feel a little sick but I think I’m over the worst of it. I had an entry I was writing w/notepad It was all finished but when I went to find it I couldn’t. It must hve gotten deleted some how? I tried to re-write it but couldn’t get the same "feeling". So I gave up on it. (4 now)

’til next time…tg logansdaddy

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