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I smashed the crap out of my finger while working on my niece’s car! It almost brought tears to my eyes. It got smashed when I broke a bolt loose and my finger (pinkie) took the blow when it hit the head of another bolt. Hit hit right where the nail meets the skin. The worse place for it to happen. The nail will have that nasty looking black spot on it until it grows out. It still hurts when I think about it, like now!…ouch!
My bro invited me to his place for Thanks Giving Day. I will be there with my bro inlaw, sister, and nieces. The niece who’s car I am working on is coming home and will be there too. I have to try to get her car done so she can drive it back to IL. It will be close because it has been raining and I have not been able to do a lot with it.
A friend called about his computer. It was not starting up. I went over and figured out the hard drive was no good. It was not being detected. The hard drive kept making noises like a loud turn signal. They decided to go and get a new one with me. I put it in & reloaded Win ME. I had to go online to get their printer driver and for the modem. They must have been replaced or upgraded. After only about two hour from start to finish, It was done. They lost all info on the old hard drive like pics and documents, but they said they had very little on it any way. I saw my friend today and he told me all is great. It seems to be running a lot faster too he said. I told him that the new drive spins at 7200 rpms instead of 5400 like the old one. Plus it was a fresh install of Win ME so all most of the drive is free. I did not ask for anything but they gave me $40, and that was cool with me. 

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  1. Owweee!!!! Damn, did it bleed on the outside at all? Those freaking things hurt like all hell.Computers. Reminds me. I need to copy my 1,000’s of pics to some CD’s in case that ever happens to me. I would be one sick little puppy if I lost all those pictures!

  2. OUCH!! It hurts just reading about it. Cars and computers, they can keep you busy for a lifetime. LOL Always changing, always a new model, new technology …it never ends.

  3. Hello there,Been awhile since I have stopped by, and it seems you doing alright :)Great to hear you had time with your son, I am sure it was great for the both of you.I am sure your neice will appreciate all the work and pain you put into making her cre work again :)Take care,Keppiegirl

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