It is sooo hot!

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Hi everyone! Yes I am still around. I have been busy with other stuff. If I do not update that means all is well. Now that I am here writing, mySon is doing very well. He made honor roll for every marking period the last year. I am, and always have been very proud of him. He truely a blessing. I have been getting along well with his mom too. I am almost certain it has an impact on how our Son does in life. When he see us doing great it inspires him to do the same. It gives his sponge-like mind the freedom to learn and explore his potential to be more than we could ever imagine.
Well… I will try to write here more. bfn …tom g

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  1. that is truly good news!  Keep on getting along… keep on putting his mind to work and keep loving him!  Great job DAD!  take care.

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