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Today was a dissapointing day!  I tried to figure out what is wrong w/ my neice’s car. The engine has a miss, not firing on #2 cylinder. I pulled the plugs and the plug from that cyl. looked bad. We went to the auto store to get a new set of plugs. I gapped them and put them in. I truly thought that was the prob. But i guess i was wrong. I was still not run right. I looked for anything else that could be wrong, but couldn’t find any prob. It may be somthing like a fuel injector or 1 of a million sensors. I felt really stupid & sad.  She is a great kid (17yo) She was accepted to Manchester Collage in, I think, Indiana. She works very hard and goes to her last year of h.s. She is now worried she might have to pay for another car before going to collage in the fall. I was hoping to fix it for her to ease her worries, but it didn’t work out i guess. I told her to take it somewhere to get diagnosed and knowing what is wrong I can fix it for sure.

  I felt as though I let her down. This will trouble me for a few days.

 I learned about cars in school and used this to repair all of my cars. I’ve rebuilt engines and everything, but Im not a prof. mechanic. One needs to be an electrical engineer to work on cars built today. You can no longer use your "eyes" to see the prob. Many testing & diagnostic tools are need to find the prob before a high paid tech can make the repair.

On to my next entry…tg/logansdaddy

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