I moved!

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I moved out of my old apt about a month ago and now I am In a nicer place. I have a lot more room, not thats it’s a lot but it is more. MOst of what I had before was rented so I have to get a lot of stuff. The first 2 nights I had to sleep on the floor until I could get a bed to sleep on. The first thing I did was set up the coffee maker and start some coffee. My Son loves it too he like the upgrades and views from the third floor windows. There are freight trains that go by 3 or 4 times a day. The horns are loud but I can get used to them with no problems. I have my own washer and dryer too so no more $$$$laundromat$$$$.I hope to keep my computer stuff in the big closet so I can hide it away. I am tring to find a nice desk to fit inside it but they all cost way too much $$$$. I could build one for way less and it would be “real wood” and last 100 years for my great great grand kids to enjoy using. I have to pay the electric, phone and cable now. They were included at my old place’s rent. It’s why I have to watch every $$$$ now. 
So that is about it as far as what is new. For now anyway, come back to see ???? …tom g/logansdaddy
My son also got “Honor Roll” again for the 7-8 time in row. Way to go Logan I am sooooooo proud of you. I love ya!

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  1. I remember a classic song is this ,"Such a lovely place ! Such a lovely face!" ,ahhh~ you got a nicer apt
    ,and you own a lovely face of your son. Perfect enough,i think. We have different culture,but i know what
    is Dad’s love.
    wishes from K.L

  2. Ps.first 2 nights no bed to sleep on ? you are real man,marine? fit in anywhere, i also know this wisdom of American 

  3. i am so sorry to hear that, i hate when things have to be so bad, dont understand why some people have to make things so horrible i just dont understand some people, i am sorry you were about teary eyed. i wish you got your son more that really sucks but glad that you do get him….. and your welcome i ment it… i wil catch up on ur blogs plan on reading all of them when i have some time want to get to know my friends you seem very great i wish you very well and hope all gets alot better.

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