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 I wanted to write about missing my visit with my Son for the second time because of the harassment charge she put on me. I have to work on it a bit so it will be posted on Sunday some time???
I found this FREE guest map @ bravenet! They have a bunch of  FREE cool web tools! If you want to pin your location on my world map click the link. You can even leave a message and a link to your Space or website! Let me know what you think or if you want to add this to your Space/site. Come back again to see who’s been added to the map…tom g


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  1. sure you can add my space to your web page, it sucks that you are having such a hard go at being a great father…. i always say what goes around comes around and when your son is older he will hopefully see the good in you despite what his mom says… i am remarried and so is my childrens father and we get along great… but it takes work i could not imagine my children not seeing their father, they would be devistated if i kept them from him.. i guess that is why i do not understand moms (or dads) that do not put their children 1st….tonikka

  2. T,I found this space becausae I’m sitting up late recovering from Surgery and 5 days in the hospitaland I can’t sleep. I’m a father who like you has had a creepy time dealing with my divorce and the destruction it has done to my son (now14) me and many others around us. I did not read everythingin your space because it hurt too much. I want to share two things:1.) you seem like a great guy and I’m going to support you any way I can and by praying for you.2.) Your This is a man’s song was so hillarious, it’s making my stitches ache!! Thanks for the laugh.Blessings on you brother, hang in there.Fredzo in Seattle

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