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We went fishing on Thursday. I picked him up from school and he we excited:) I went earlier to Wal-Mart to get us each a pole and lures. I also got a bucket for minnows and night crawlers form the local bait shop. All we had to do is stop for bottles of water to drink and we were on our way to Becks Pond just off of RT 40 on Salem Church RD.

At first he put his hook in the water and a bluegill was hooked on an un baited hook! That was the highlight though because he only caught two more bluegills and I only caught a fat catfish and that was it. I brought my camera but my hands were so dirty I didn’t want to ruin it so I tried to draw this picture. There was a nice park he liked too when he got bored with the whole "fish not biting" thing. He got to try to catch a minnow for me from the bucket they were in. Not easy, even for me. He did catch one and we checked it out. We let it go by the waters edge and watched it dart off into the deeper water. Worms on the other hand, he was not so "into". He tried to put a worm on his hook without touching the worm, I don’t blame him though, it can be a bit messy. When we were done fishing, I let him let the leftover minnows go. He wanted to take one home in his pocket to show his mom and I told him that she saw plenty before so why don’t we let them all go. We watch them all scatter in every direction the instant they hit the water. The worms were more fun though. We threw them in the waters edge and what a commotion it caused! Many bluegills pounced on them. He said, "Wow, where were they when we were trying to catch ’em?"

We still had a great time! Maybe next time we go it will be better…"LOOK OUT FISHIES"…tom g

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