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Today is one of the best days i’ve had for a long time! In the mail I finally recieved the Determination of my S.S.I. & Disability claim. It was approved on both claims! After over three years of waiting patiently I can breathe again.

More importantly my Son is going to finally have what he has ben needing from me, financial supprot. I was unable for so long to give him this. It was the hardest thing to deal with & made me feel so ashamed even though I was following my doctors orders. Many times I thought of giving up and going back to work regardless of the damage I may have done to myself.

It took me an hour to get up the nerve to open the letter. I, in my heart knew it could only be approved but I was sure what others may have thought.

Now I have a million thing going through my mind and have to some how get a olan together. I must go and file for my Sons claim at the ssi office. Then I have to figure out how to get the court to finally accept the fact that they were wrong. They will not be anxious to do this. They’ll prob say that I some how hacked into the ssi computer and approved myself. My lawyer told me that I have to be careful because the court might try to intercept the check being sent in 4-6 weeks for the last three years even though my Son will get his own back payments. I would have to try to get them to give it back & that would be another nightmare. I nee to find info on how to prevent the court from doing this. It will all work itself out without the courts intrusion in my family business.

I’ll be writhing more on this issue, but for now I have to many other things on my mind to think of. I have to save my aptartment because I got papers for eviction. I also have to figure out how to get my lisence back after two years wuthout it. Then I can pick up my Son and drive us where ever we want to go.

I am not good at multi tasking so it will be hard to get all these issues dealt with. I’ll take it on day at a time!…stay tuned…tom g/logansdaddy

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  1. tom,I am so happy to get the message which u received your determinationCongrats!by the way,u are a great father.

  2. It’s good that you got your determination:-) I have to say, it’s nice to see a father who is so determined to make things right and support his child. My oldest daughter’s father could have done it years ago, but did not. He wasn’t around much, and did very little for her in terms of support (although he had the means to). She is now almost 7 and he is just starting to try to make amends (not nearly enough mind you, but at least it’s something). The only reason is because his fiance has kicked him into gear and is pushing him to make it right. Anyway, I commend you for caring so much about your son:-)

  3. Thats great! Its always good to eb determined adn if the court intercepts the check then you just be dog darn determined to get the check back because its yours oh and thanks for acutlay elaving a psotive message about my crudy driving lesson lol its about the only one lol but its grest you got it! Good luck!Liz

  4. Congrats on getting approved on the Soc. Sec. and ssi. It is a long, hard road. And humiliating at times, too. It took me nine years of filing, appealing, being turned down, giving up and trying to go back to work only to end up in the hospital again. And then refiling and doing it all over again. This was my third time. I guess they finally realized that I’m not going away, and that I’ve made every effort to say employed but cannot. I’m sorry about the backpay problem though. :o(

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