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Iv’e had some stuff showing in my stats. One is a linkback to my space but it ends with – "#toppage". Others do not have a link but say "rss" for many parts of my space. I figured out the other weird ones but these I can’t figure out! If any knows more about these entries in my stats, please let me know. I had 150 page views today and 100 or so of them where of the "rss" type. I know rss is part off the syndication stuff but i’d like to find out more about this.

Total views 1400, this week 190. Thanks to all who visit…tom g

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  1. hi,I am so pleasure to find your message . you know, I am a chinese and my english is not very good.When I found your space,I thought somthing what you wrote had attracted me. Good luck for u and ur lovely son!

  2. RSS feeds are when someone adds your blog to their MyMSN.com page or MyYahoo.com page. You may also be added to services like bloglines.com, which I use to keep track of various blogs that interest me.

  3. Hang in there Dad! I am a Father of 3 daughters and divorced 14 years ago. My misguided lawyer encouraged me to fight for custody for his own profit and I lost… except that I did not ultimately lose. My 3 children fought for their relationship with me and absolutely demanded to spend major time with me. I have the greatest possible relationships with my 3 daughters today (ages 30, 26 and 22) as a result of them and me working hard at it every minute for 14 years, and I did not disappear or run away despite how painful it was for me to stay around and get beaten up by the courts, the lawyers and the ex-spouse, not to mention financial catastrophy for me. I am a survivor and a succeeder despite the horrendous abuse I suffered as a Father. My ONLY strategdy was ENDURANCE and my children and I have triumphed! So, hang in there Dad!! My heart and mind are with you. It can be done. The abused Father networks kept me imprisoned in self-pity and anger; I had to rid myself of them. I had to give up my own anger. I won my kids when they each said to me privately "Dad, you are really happy now and so am I." They are the best kids any Father could ever have. And, WOW, what terrific people they have become!

  4. Hi I just got into my computer and soo your space. What I’m going to write I hope it won’t bother you. I’m am a penticastal and let me tell you with Jesus my life has been really good. I have a child that has PDD and if I wan’t for Jesus I don’t were I would of been because my son which now is 7, when he was alot smaller he would hit people,throu things,bang his little head to everything he didn’t care if it was hard you would always see him with a bruse on his forehead,he didn’t like to leave the house I would have to fight with him to get dressed, get in the car, get out the car, get in the place I had to go into. what I’m tring to say is that if it wasn’t for JesusI would maybe be crasy or something worst but I know he was always there for me and my son because God doesn’t give you something you can’t handle even if you think you really can’t but let me tell you that with God everthing is possible believe it or not. Right now my son has gotten better with the proper care with everybody’s prayers. Now you see my son and you would never known how bad he was, yes he still needs some work but for how he was he’s as gotten really far. What I’m tring to tell you is that if you have Jesus as your saver he can do wonders in your life in your ex-wifes and could make everything much better for you. Because he says that to give the first step and he’ll do the rest for you but you have to remeber that if you don’t help your self he’s not going to do it for you he needs to see that your trying and when you think you can’t go no more thats when he goes in and finishes the work for you. You would be in my prayers I’ll tell my mom to put you in her prayers to. I can’t give you my information because my husband won’t understand why I’m writing you this letter so if I get back in the internet and you would like me to write again just say att. to Isabel and I’ll know it’s for me. God Bless You always and I hope you get something from your son Logan and also a better gift if he can see you. Good Luck from the bottom of my heart God Bless You and Logan too Your friend Isabel

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