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Today was not too bad. My ex did not show up! I wish I knew where she was. My hearing was at 12:30 and we waited until 1:05. The judge was a little pissed. Her free attorney was pacing the floor stopping every minute to look up the hall for her. I had everything they asked me for. I told them I was approved for the ssi claim. They took about 15 minutes to read it all. I told them that I took my ex to get our kid singed up for his benefits. I also told them that she got about 18-20,000 from ssi and could car less about family court or the support people any more. The judge asked me for proof that she got that money. I said that was going to be hard because I had no say in what she did once it was direct deposited into her account. How could I get proof of this deposit? So I guess she can say she did not get it and they will probably believe her.
I asked about my license and the judge told me I had to go to the support office with the decision letter I’ll get in the mail. They will have to say yes or no. The judge did say she’ll write that she thinks it would be "fair" to give them back and that the new support order will be a "zero" order (no new amount add each month) until I get a decision on the disability amount to be added to the ssi payments. I guess the disability amount can be counted as income for support but not the ssi?
I tried to ask about limiting her leaving the state but as I thought the judge would not her any thing about it because it did not have to do with support. She said to file another petition (expedited). I have to pick up my Son this weekend and if I have any trouble I will on Monday next week. Now that she has the money to get her own place maybe she will stay here locally I hope.
The judge said that I talked too much. I thought that was funny so I told that it was because I had been saving it all up from way back in March when I filled for this hearing. Most of what I said was said many times before with out being "heard" this time they had no way to say did not prove my case.
Oh yeah, thanks Beth for not showing up today it was the nicest deed you ever did for me…tom g

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  1. Good Job! I can only imagine how bad this must have looked for her. I’m glad you did well. I hope it all clears up soon!

  2. You just hang in there and things will work out. I am a female but I raised 5 children by myself and now I am raising 3 grandson’s. I have been raising them since birth. It hasen’t been easy but I know I am doing what God wants me to. The boy’s are Chaz 17 now, Zach 13 and Chase 11. They are bi-racial and I love them dearly. They are my life. You seem like a good man and good always out weighs evil so keep the faith and you will see what I mean. Geri’s space

  3. Hey Tom,I can see you’ve gotten a lot of comments. I’m sure someone like me has already posted for you, but I’m going to say what I have to say anyways.My parents divorced when I was seven, ten years later I can’t even begin to describe to you the ways in which their decision has effected my life.Like you, I know that my father really does love and care about me. Not a "Deadbeat" Dad.I encourage you to do everything you can to be with your son. I would think it would be hard not to be angry. You must be mature and watch your words. How old is your son? Does he know that you love him and want him to be happy?This time is crucial. What happens in court these next few times will determine the course of many years to come. You already know this, don’t let it stress you too much. Stressing too much will lead to your demise. I don’t know if you’re a religious man, but if you are, I suggest you seek strength, comfort, and direction from your faith. -Chanel

  4. Hi! I really like your blog.. it hits home with my husband and myself! Youre not alone out there! April

  5. hey tom – im so glad things have begun to turn around for you! your patience has paid off :)watching ‘mrs. doubtfire’ the other day kind of reminded me of you! you should see that movie if you havent all ready. 🙂 of course it has a romantic hollywood ending, but there are still some really amazing things in there about how to handle a divorce when there are kids involved. enjoy your week!~mandy

  6. Actually no they wouldn’t believe her. They can request her bank documents for the information. I’m glad it worked out for you today. Your ex shows a lot of character not showing up for her hearing yet you do despite your disability and needing to find a ride. Take Care~Kat

  7. I commented on your spaceback when you were the space of the week or whatever – I do realize that there are two sides to every story – but there isn’t much of an excuse if you don’t show up for court and it involves custody of your child – she’s not too smart – as far as that whole – "get proof that she received that money" thing – you can… and should… supbeona her bank records…. I don’t know if you have a lawyer – but you can do that pretty easily – just go to the clerk of the court and ask for a blank form for that… Good luck

  8. Tom-Hey, I haven’t heard from you in a little while, so I figured I’d check up on your site, and see how everything was going! [As if it’s any of MY business, but oh well!] Sounds like court went pretty good, for YOU… Also sounds like your ex-wife made a complete idiot out of herself… *rolls eyes.* Well, I hope everything keeps going pretty good for you! Make sure you keep in touch.. I’ll try and keep visiting, just to keep updated on everything!!! -Mary

  9. Keep the faith. It’s good to see a father make such an effort to see his son. Your patience is amazing.

  10. Tom,It’s refreshing to see the Man’s side of the story rather then how tough the poor, poor woman has it! Men are more and more involved with the lives of their children today but still do not get the credit they deserve!!Good luck to you!Bonnie

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