Court again on Monday

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Well the last few days I have been calling around trying to find out more info about the best way to go about things. It only made it more confusing so I’ve decided to do the best I can for myself. I will have to make them hear me on Monday. I have a hearing to try to fix how much I have to pay for support. They still are calculating it as if I make 30,000 a year. Also that my ex is to et 18,000 from ssi for my Son.  I am hoping to bring up the other issues like stopping her from taking him from this State and more visits. I was hoping to have more info on when or where I am going to move but this is still up in the air for now.
I am sorry for not keeping up with my Space but I have been cleaning and painting in case I have to move I can leave this apt. in better shape than it was when I moved in. It’s a Boy Scout thing…tom g

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  1. Hi Tom, Good luck in court on Monday! I hope things go your way. I hope you have a good weekend as well, you sound like you deserve one.

  2. Hey – Thanks for the comment on my space! I guess maybe I’m just a bit more mature than most of the 14 year olds I know… I just thought maybe it might help to know that you’re not the only one who’s ever gone through something like this! 😀 Well, I hope you keep visiting my space.. It would be nice to hear how things are going. Even if you’re over twice my age… hehe. No big deal! It kind of sounds like your ex is a bit bitter towards you, and doesn’t care what you feel, only what she does. That’s just horrible to me… because you’re her sons father, and should be included in everything that has to deal with him. I hope court goes well on Monday… I know that if that judge is smart, he’ll realize the right place for your son!! -Comment back anytime. Mary

  3. Hi I am new here on you blog but I really like it! Good luck in court on monday. She should not be able to take him from this state because he won’t be able to get back to you as often. Have a great week!

  4. Good luck! I hope she does what is best for your son. A lot of parents don’t keep their eye on the real priority. ;o)

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