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I’ve been making some changes to this Space. Te backround is a tribute to my Son because he want to get Halo 3 but it will only run on Vista. I am planning to build a new desktop to run Vista and all my other games for him. We beat Halo C.E. in a few weeks. I keep saying, "I am not going to any more games", but of course I give in.
I have to drive to his grandparents in Ocean City MD. My Son has been there since Wed. last. He called me a few times to ask if I could come down sooner but he needs time away from both mom and dad. I will stay over night there until Monday when the traffic is not too bad because the beach goers from the weekend leave Sunday night. I hate going only 35 on a 55 mph road. We will go to the beach during the day Mon. I have t get him into the water. He is not so keen on going in further than where the waves break. I tried to carry him in on my back the last time and a huge wave knocked us over packing our bathing trunks with sand and rocks.  ( ouch )  We were fine, I lost my balance with him on my back. It did not help his confidence any. There is alwas next summer.  : )
I hope to write again on Tueday… b4 now…tom g

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  1. Hey Man!  It is good to see you are back.  I like the new digs.  Nice to see that your time with your son has been leveled a bit.  Your entry reminds me of how grateful I really need to be.  I really have had it fairly easy in this journey of being a single father.  If you call having half your sons’ lives taken way.  But, it could have been more and I need to be grateful.  Good for you in spending time with him and all the fun stuff.  Again, glad to see you are back.

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