Things are so different now!

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I guess I am going to be writing here more bc FB is really getting annoying with all the idiots on there. I hate arguing with stupid people who believe the craziest bullshit they hear wo proof but actual things that have plenty of proof they will call fake or a lie!

I need to get back to writing here bc it has been neglected for a awhile since i started to be more active in the world. I miss not having the stress of trying to convince people of shit they dont wish to believe so let them eat their cake idgaf anymore.

Life has been crazy for me bc i like things to be predictable and now nothing is normal. All the places I like to go are not the same. I can not find anywhere to dance and have fun the way I like enjoyed in the past. I dont like just standing around when I hear a good song I like. I lost my second home and it is sad! No more DJ on Thursdays and Saturdays every week. I am lost…lol. Ill survive and hopefully it will come back eventually.

I am checking out new places that I heard about but not yet been to them all so maybe Ill find a new place to hangout. I need to get moving more to get rid of the 25lbs I gain since covid shut down all the fun stuff. Not in a rush tho bc it is not like I am gonna be needing to be in shape much so I should not care about that.

Idk what is to come for the second half of this year 2020 but I guess I will see. It has to be better than the first half of the year.

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