The Last Few Days

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Hi everyone, I know it has been a few days but I have been busy. I have been trying to get the parts for my niece’s car. I spend most of my time searching for the best prices. So far I have found most but am still looking for the cylinder head itself. I still have about a week to find them until I have the money to get them.

My friend Shannon came home about a week ago but she is like a zombie. She can’t do harm to herself if she is not able to walk without looking like she is drunk. I try to talk t her but I can not understand her. I just say "yes" or "yeah" and nod my head. She takes about 10 different pills I guess for depression. I think it’s a shame to see her in that stake, but they say she needs the meds so maybe she will get used to them over time. Her Dr. told me she will not have those side effects for long. I hope not, I like talking to her and would love to be able to understand what she says. My only worry is that she will be smoking and drop the cig in her sleep. I can’t watch her 24/7. Her kids asked her to come back for Turkey day ands she did. She has been there for a few days so I think all went well. I will have to ask her when/if she comes back up here. I think she might get back with her ex because his new woman took off with some other guy. He can not handle her three kids by himself and run his construction company at the same time. He needs her back, for now anyway. May be being there is best for her right now. She does not need to be alone the way she is. She needs to be needed.

I had a great Thanks Giving dinner. I went to a friends house. My youngest brother and his wife were there too. I have not seen them too much since they moved back to DE from TX. I rode down with my sister, her husband and daughter. They deep fried a turkey and made one in the oven. I never had one deep fried and it was awesome! They used a flavor injector to inject it with something for flavor. It was very good, better than the one made in oven. It only took about 45 minutes too. When it was done we were wondering what we could use the hot oil for next and they decided to make French fries. They were very good too. They had the taste of the turkey flavors. I do not usually eat thing deep fried but they were good. Another thing we had that someone brought was lasagna. I thought it was really odd to have that for this holiday but later I ate a big hunk of it, I was glad they did bring it because it was the best I ever had. It was hard to pack it into my gut but I managed to shovel down 4 plates full of T’ Day grub. What kind of odd things do you eat or do for Thanks Giving?

I was able to get my Son on Saturday for our visitation. He was in a great mood and we had a great time. He is so great I have never had to get mad at him ever. He always listens to me. He tries to get his way some times but he does not push it. I wished I could have taken him with me on T’ Day. A lot of people there were asking about him and all I could do was to let them read my blog here or look at tons of pics I have on my PC. I have never been able to have him on any Holiday ever! I hate that! I ask but my Ex always has an excuse and I dare not push her too much or she’ll call it harassment and have me locked up again, not good. One year I will have him. It would be nice to see him open his present on Christmas morning. I got a Christmas list from him and I will try to get him every ting on it. I showed him the engine and the "hole" in the valve on the cylinder head from my nieces car. He thought it was so cool to see inside the engine. I explained how the parts work and what they do. I think he gets most of it but some was over is head for now. I intend to teach him all I know about cars when he gets older. He told me that they moved again and he has to go to another school. Thats twice this school year so far. She paid in advance for her apt and just moved out having 7 months paid for already. I wonder what is going to happen, is she not going to try to get money back or maybe she intends this to be her "party" pad. I wonder? She does not mind wasting some one else’s money as long as it is not her own. She is wasting my Sons money. It should be put away for his future not used to pay for her passions.

I have Court on th 15th for visitations and my atty has an all day trial scheduled for that day. He is trying to re-sched it but we had no luck trying in the past so he might have to get his partner to fill in for him. I do not mind, they are both great attys and as long as I am not there alone I think all will go my way again! (I hope) I hope to be ale to pick up and drop off my Son without my Bro-inlaw driving me. That is not needed now that I have my license back. I am going to ask for more time too. I hope to be living in another home by then. I do not want to write more about moving right now but will once it is done because I might not be moving alone??

Well I hope it won’t be so long until write again. Many people must think I have given up on my MSN Space…never…never…tom g

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  1. sometimes, men get ths short end of the stick. people forget that even though we men didn’t carry for 9 months that does not mean we don’t love our kids any less than a femall would.true love for your child is allowing him/her both parents. because after all she is his mom and you are his dad!

  2. It sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving dinner. I know that some people bring weird things. I know that when I stat down and my fionces house he is mexican so of corse his family had to have green chili….everything was kind of gross but once you drowned it in gree chili you can not taste it anymore so it is all good. They also had tortillas just in case you wanted one. I dont know about that part.

  3. Hey! Glad to hear that you had a good thanksgiving and had time to spend with your son. Hang in there with the legal proceedings and all. Your son knows that you love him and that you’re a good dad! Things will work out! Sending good thoughts your way!

  4. Sounds like your Thanksgiving went good. And your visit with your son is always good. I wish you could watch him open gifts on Christmas morning as wellTake careSAAM

  5. Hey Tom!! Glad to hear you had a Happy Thanksgiving!! Sounds like you had a lot of good eats. I’ve always been curious about those deep fried turkeys. I would attempt it if I didn’t think I would burn the house down, you always hear on the news of one person who does that …I don’t want it to be me! LOL Sounds tastey though. I didn’t have anyting out of the ordinary, just the usual turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc. I did make a sweet potato casserole (first time) and I guess it was good, I don’t eat sweet potatoes. LOLI hope your day at court goes well. It seems that you’ve been following the rules (not that you should have any) and you should have more time with your son.

  6. I love birthdays and Christmas. They are all about the kids!! They should be family days. I plan to put lots of pictures of my daughter’s party so feel free to borrow ideas.I am truly thinking about youSAAM

  7. Sounds like a good time. Don’t worry, we know you aren’t going to stop writing! I have had a deep fried turkey too – yum! They are done so much faster and I heard that it is actually healthier than baking it – less fat gets absorbed into the turkey meat by frying. Sounds too good to be true, but I promise I read it somewhere.

  8. Fried turkeys are the BEST! Especially if you don’t put too much grease in there and catch everything else on fire!!! LOLGlad you got to visit your son and I hope you can get him for a holiday someday, too!

  9. Good Luck for 15th. Hope it all goes well. Sorry i have not visited in a while! How’s the perfumey hand cream woman relationship going on?! I hope all that works ouut for you, you deserve it =] I can not imagine how difficult it is for you to not be able to confront or say anything to your Ex, she is a total bitch (If you don’t mind me saying…) 15th, i have a Fraenectomy Operation. Hope the Court goes well. You deserve your Son on Christmas =]Take Care,Coral xo

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