OMG Too many Background Patterns To Choose From

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woven_@2XI wanted to do something new for my site’s background so I went to find a new pattern. I had no intention of spending 2 hours trying out different one. I found a site for good background patterns and went through 400 different free ones they had to offer. I was able to narrow it down to a few and then the final winner you see now if you  screen is wide enough. Phones and tabs prob wont see unless you zoom out.

I guess it is better to have too many choices than not enough. I can’t complain but it just takes longer when it’s my own site. It is a lot quicker for a clients site. I have to go by what they like and not so much my own taste/ideas.

WordPress offers so many choices in many areas. Background patterns is only one fun way to make any website unique There are over 5,000+ themes to chose form each with it owns special features you can use to customize your site. If anyone is interested i their own website for personal or business use please contact me below in a comment or on my FB page here:

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