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What could possibly cause someone to truly hate their mom? My ex-wife doesn’t get along with her mom. My ex is a very spiteful person and won’t let her mom see her grand-son (my son). She wouldn’t even let my son get his christmas presents until a month ago. Her mom wants to take my son to see relatives on the 23rd and of course my ex wont let him go! I tried to talk to my ex about letting go w/ his grand-mom. on the 23rd. Nothing I said made any difference. I never had luck tring to reason w/ my ex. (That’s 1 reason where not together) I wantedd so much for him to see his grand-mom they miss each other sooo much. His Grand -mom & I e-m every now & then. I can tell it troubles her not to be "allowed" to see my son. My ex is cruel, thats her mom, what reason could she have for not allowing them to see each other. Even if they have their differences, my ex should never use that for a reason. My son desires, needs & deserves to see his grand parents. My ex doesn’t understand the heartbreak her decisions cause. I still can’t her. My mom died over 10 years ago & I wish every day I could hug her and tell her "I love ya", talk to her about something, or even be alive to see my son. I reminded my ex of this & the value of having a mom around. I also told her there are thing I wish I could apologise to my mom for & regretting not being able to any more. Time w/ parents should be used w/ love and compassion, not w/ selfishness & spite. I hope my ex will "wake up" and make up her mom, life too short     t g

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