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I had to go Family Court yesyerday. The judge was pretty cool but she still found me in  "CONTEMPT OF COURT". My e-wife had a lawyer. I can hold my own in court, but he is a Deputy Attorney General. His daily experience with the law left the commissioner with no choice. After, I thought of things I could have said or done that might have made a difference, but hind sight is 20/20.  My e-x was smiling & laughing. It doen’t bother 2 much me because I’ve won almost every time lawyer or not. She deserves 1 every now & then. I am not in any trouble. It just looks bad on my record. I can apeal her decision. Decisions made by commissioners can be appealed, but then she was so nice I dont want to make her mad at me. I might have her again in the future.

Basicall, the problem is they want me to give personal medical info & I feel this is a invasion of my privacy. Having this info entered as evidence will put it in the "pulic" domain. In the future this info can be use against me for things like custody or visitations. For example only, if some had epilepsy, they might not be concidered "able"to properly watch or care for a child & may be denied unsupervisd visits or custody. No one should have to give up this kind if info.                      well thats it for now…t g 

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