Hot Day

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It was about 90 out today and my ac is not working. When I put it away last fall it worked fine. I guess I’ll have to get a new one. I think the compressor is shot. It is not worth replacing it. I cost more than a new ac unit. If I ask around some one will have 4 sale cheap.

I am still trying to find a ride to pick up my Son for my next visit. I’m not giving up yet, still have a few more days left

I got some cleaning done even though it was kin of hot. My cat was thankful for cleaning her liter box. I for got about it for about three days. That have been why she was sitting right in front of me & looking at me funny. I should know this look by now. I’v had her for 8 years. Well  she’s happy now so I guess Im happy too : )…Tom G/Logansdaddy

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  1. Ok so you get the hot weather and we get the chilly…what gives. Good luck hon on finding a ride to pick up your little guy. I sure hope you get to see him.Liz

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