Good Things Come In Threes?

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In the past few weeks i had to replace 3 lcd screens. Two for a friend and one of my own. It was something iI tried to stay away from but they get easier as I do more of them. The hardest part is ordering the rt one. Taking it out is not hard because it is already broken so don’t have to be gentle with that. Only need to be careful with taking off the trim around the screen. That can get touchy because some are glued down and have to be pulled kind of hard but not too hard as to break it. The trim can be very thin and flimsy.

I can usually find the right one for around $55-$70 and my fee depends on how hard it is to do plus the screen cost. TBH I may not even do if it is too much. My right hand is not 100% and I don’t want to damage the trim with scratches or breaks. This screen comes with the tools but still needed to get double sided tape to do it right. Sometimes I can reuse the old tape but not always. In my opinion it does not even need it because the trim is good enough to hold it in and it is wedged in a bit not just set in. BUT I have make sure it is right especially when for someone else.

This is my affiliate link to this screen on Amazon:

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