Desktops Are Magnets For Dust – Here Is Why

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dusty fanIf you own a desktop computer chances are that it has built up some dust inside it. Occasionally I get a call about a computer that will shut down shortly after they turn iot on. I usually have a good idea what the problem is and this is one of them times.

This one was BAD! I had spend a lot of time on this one bc on this Dell I had to remove the Fan and cooler parts from the processor to take them out to remove the dust. Most of them just unscrew from the cooler and then I can just vacuum the aluminum cooling block on top of the processor. To put his one back together I had to put a special thermal past that makes the connection between the aluminum cooler and the processor. It improves the heat transfer from the processor and w/o it it would surely over heat very quickly. Normally I don”t have to separate them.

To get the dust out I just use my shop vac and carefully suck ut the blobs of dust. I also have a special brush I use to brush out what wont come out from the vac. It can be a pain to get it all sometimes and often I have to take stuff out to get to it making it take even longer.

It doesn’t matter how clean your home is it WILL get dusty inside over time. Maybe quicker in dusty like in a dusty area or jobsite/office. The only thing that helps imo is to keep it as high up as possible like on you desk instead of under it. The closer to the floor the more it will suck in dist especially if it is sitting right on a carpeted floor. All the dust ends up down there so It is the worse place to place the computer. Sometimes it is the only choice so make sure you know to think about taking a look inside 2x a year or so.

If yours needs to be cleaned and your in the New Castle area leave a message below in a comment or on my FaceBook page and I will be happy to do it for you for about $30. More if I have to do like this one and separate the processor and cooling thingy bc it uses that thermal paste stuff and takes way longer. Laptops are worse and harder to clean the dust out of but that for another day. I can say I don’t know why the even call them laptops when using them on you lap can block the cooling fan on may of them but like i said that for another day.

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