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I’ve been watching the news about the Bird Flu. I am worried that it might be worse than all the recent disasters put together! We would not be any more able to defend ourselves against it now than earlier this century. The drug company say they do not want to develop new or make vaccines because of money. Vaccines are not 100% effective and the  drug Co’s don’t want to be sued! They take in far more than they would ever have to pay out, x10 maybe. They have never had a year without a huge profits from "bad" drugs like Vioxx & Baxtra to name a few that cause damage / harm. Many of these side effect will never be know. The big drug companies spend unbelievable amounts of money on TV ads suggesting that the patients "ask" the doctor if it right for them. If it was their doctors would have them on it already if they were. Drug Co’s should not be allowed to advertise for RX only drugs! Over the counter drugs, thats different the patient is allowed to choose any they want o.c.t. Drug Co’s should be forced to research this more. They will make money no matter what happens. It is only a matter of how much THEY will make & liability for side effects.
I was curious to know more about how they make the flu vaccine from chicken eggs. The Bird Flu Virus comes from and kill birds. Chickens are birds and we use there eggs to make vaccines. What happens if all the birds die and we have no more eggs to make the flu vaccines? What if the West Nile (bird) Virus and this Bird Virus get together? I think I think too much.
I was trying to write about anything to break the boredom truly has been on my mind. If any one has more info on, or just to give their thoughts on this topic, please leave it in a comment, thanks:)…tom g

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  1. Hi, TomLong time no see, my space is full of Chinese, that you cannot leave any comment, hehe, sorry about that!Hmmm. .. too many disasters happened this year! Wish we would not get the bird flu involved!

  2. Visiting your space for the first time. Wow. It is really good. I thought the video was hysterical but I have the "disease"…you know, the one where you laugh when someone gets hurt…it is a curse sometimes 🙂 I wish you luck. Your son is lucky that you love him so. Don’t worry. Kids "know" the truth about things. He knows how much you love him in his heart. It will work out for you, I am sure. Love always does. Best wishes, Hildie

  3. I’ve been watching that too and wondering about it. I didn’t see anywhere that they say what the symptoms are.Thanks for the offer to help with my Media Player. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, I signed up for a music hosting site (i-tunes), but I cannot find a code to paste into the player. When I click on properties and put that in, it still doesn’t play. I haven’t had time lately to experiment a little more, but first chance I get I’m going to keep trying. Maybe it’s the host site? Anyway – try not to think too much. West Nile Virus and Bird Virus combined?? Perish the thought! We’d be in real trouble then. Deb

  4. Hi, I wondered in from spaces. You have a very nice site here, I’m glad I found it. From what I’ve read you are an awesome parent. Sending hugs your way, I’ll be back to visit soon.

  5. that video was sooo funny, had to show the friends… ha hahahah, me being a nurse i see different diseases all the time, not the crazy ones but i tell you what the hell is going on with this world now a days…. if there is not this disease there is that disease, if there is not this disaster there is that disaster…….hmmmmphanyway now that i have bitched too, love the change in your site… Tonikka

  6. Hey there, I found your site while searching for bird flu on msn spaces. I have been cocerned as well for a long time now. You are correct in saying that we are no more prepared today than we were a century ago. Amazing isn’t it? I have some articles on my site if you’re interested in reading more, actually I have a box dedicated to it (it’s a work in progress). I haven’t had a chance to read through the rest of your blogs but it looks as if you have a lot to say so I think I’ll start in the beginning 🙂

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