What is U-be-U?

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In 2010 i had an idea to start my own social site. I had a good idea how to do it and chose u-be-u.com as the domain name. The name was to mean you be you … as in just be yourself! Creating a different type of site where everyone had access to everyone else not only people you already know. On FB you can send friend request to people you know or you will get a ominous warning! The site had to be easy to use and people had to be able to change their profile settings or even delete their entire account! I wanted to be able to filter what is seen to show only updates from my friends or my groups.

Register here: u-be-u.com/register and enter ubuvip to get to reg page.

All did not go as planned thought! I had problems getting people to try it out. I still have that same issue today! I  do not want to spent 1ks of dollars to put ads allover to do it. Once the site gets about 100-200 members it will start rolling along on its own. This is the 4th attempt to get it going but i have faith…lol! It is not costing me anything because I have it on a VPS I already run for sites I manage for myself and others.

PLEASE give it s try… I want to see what people think of it. The theme and layout may still change a bit but all the content and features will remain the same. Also in future I can turn on the ability for members to create their OWN WEBSITE! I will prob set it as a goal of 1000 members? Not sure rt now tho.

A Site Wide password is being use to stop bots from creating fake accounts and more security. Any one can get past it because the actual pw is in the pw-hint!! Bots wont be able to figure that out but people will. People will only have to enter it once and it should remember them unless they change browsers/device or have not visited in while.

Here are some of the main features of the site you can have access to. I hope you will give it a test drive…


Settings: Manage account settings.
Email notifications.
Email and Password.

Groups: Extensible user groups.
Create micro-communities.

Activity Streams: For members and groups.
Sitewide directory and
single threads.

Notifications: Get notified.
Smart read/unread.
Fully integrated.

Friendships: Friendship connections.
It’s always about
who you know!

Private Messaging: Private conversations,
with several members at one time.

… more coming!

Full Features Details here: https://buddypress.org/