A letter brings two Louisiana families together

A woman’s father passed away and shortly after she heard music playing because a new baby was born. Someone near her said “well then that’s dad’s angel” and that gave her an idea. She wrote a letter and took it to the maternity unit and asked them to give it to the first baby born after the time her father…

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About Me

What Does Our Dreams Mean?

I hate having a dream that stays on my mind all day. I might be more inclined to believe they meant something if they made sense. If I was to fall asleep thinking about if I should move or not then had dream that I did move and it worked out. Then I could say well that dream meant I…

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Hagley Museum and Library -2006

I was going thru some of the 100 cd and dvd i have that are not marked to get rid of the ones i dont need. I found this one dvd with the photos i took when my Son and I wen to Hagley Museum. This was about 10 years ago and I was wondering what happened to the pics.…

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What is U-be-U?

In 2010 i had an idea to start my own social site. I had a good idea how to do it and choseĀ u-be-u.com as the domain name. The name was to mean you be you … as in just be yourself! Creating a different type of site where everyone had access to everyone else not only people you already know.…

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