Mission Accomplished

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Back in May I set out to get back in shape by eating better and being more active. I started out at size 42 waist and 245lbs and now, Nov 23rd I am size a 36w and 205 lbs. I beat my goal by 5 lbs! I felt my age and it did not feel so good. I could barely make it up the steps to my 3rd fl apt! I was in sad shape…lol Most of the lost weight was from dancing at home alone or out somewhere where no one knows me…lol!

Now I feel like I am mid 30s again. I am set for the next 10 years I hope. I am done with the diet thing and throwing away my scale. I know how to eat and exercise so I should not need to as attentive to the fitness and weight loss anymore.

I dont like to post photos of myself but I guess Ill put these 3 here to show the after. I am looking for a before photo but I am not one to be in photos so it may be not possible…lol Don’t mind my messy room I was getting stuff together for donation.

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