Caramel Corn Karma

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Sometimes things in life happen for a reason sometimes good, sometimes bad. Sometimes it turns you left sometimes, it turns you right. Something presents you with a choice and that choice determines the way it affects you. We get to choose to fight or to give in, or to think positive or negative. This choice can have long term consequences into the future.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing either. It could be something as small and insignificant as some caramel corn I got from my neighbor. I was eating it and I started thinking about how much weight I gained and how much it was starting to hurt more to move around. I gained about 40 lb in 10 years. I could have choose to get depressed, feel sorry for myself, eat the rest of the caramel corn and get even fatter. However I did not choose that direction.

I am choosing to do something about it. When people talk about act your age does that mean the number of years you been alive minus 9 months? Does it mean the age people say you are when you ask them to guess? My friends guess from 35 to 39 and that’s how old I feel. Sometimes I even feel younger. I do hurt more and in more places then when I was younger but ti probably did not help to be so inactive.

That caramel corn had to go so I paid it forward to someone who did not have to worry about gaining a few pounds. L and a few her friends finished it off instead of me. The relief of getting rid of that temptation and seeing the reaction of L when i told her to take it… she said it was her fav… that was verification for me that I made the right choice not to eat all of it myself.

Since then I’ve lost about 25 lb from just eating better and less. I can find clothes that can fit because I went down one size in waist so now starting to feel better about myself  One can never know what can come from something as benign as caramel corn. crazy karma from that stuff… crazy good!

EDIT: It is now Nov. 1 2018 and i weigh 205 so about 40 lbs lost total.

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