All Kids Should Learn To Code!

ANY child who learns to code will have a bright future ahead as far as employment. Our Country¬†will need good skilled coders if we are to continue to be World leaders in technology. The best time to learn coding is when kids minds are still absorbent and able to learn quickly. With coding skills anyone could learn to build Apps,…

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The Ghost In My Son’s Computer

¬†– My son usually comes every other weekend to visit and brings his pc with him so he can show me his BF4 skillz. I dont know why but his mom was mad he brought it last time bc he got in trouble or something. I got some time to take a look inside it to see how much dust…

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A Broken Tip Stuck In A Hole

I get some weird jobs to do and this one was no different. My friend’s son broke off his headphones jack into the socket on his HP ProBook 4510s laptop and now he couldn’t use his headphones because it had the broken tip still jammed in there. I had to think about this one for a bit because I did…

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Desktops Are Magnets For Dust – Here Is Why

If you own a desktop computer chances are that it has built up some dust inside it. Occasionally I get a call about a computer that will shut down shortly after they turn iot on. I usually have a good idea what the problem is and this is one of them times.

Laptop For Sale $125

I just got done replacing a keyboard on a laptop I have for sale. It had a few buttons that were a bit loose. I wanted to take a few photos along the way to post here but it made it take about 3x longer to do. I had to keep taking photos to get ones that were not blurred…

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