A Broken Tip Stuck In A Hole

I get some weird jobs to do and this one was no different. My friend’s son broke off his headphones jack into the socket on his HP ProBook 4510s laptop and now he couldn’t use his headphones because it had the broken tip still jammed in there.

I had to think about this one for a bit because I did not want to charge that much to fix. I had two choices, take the laptop apart or try to dig it out from the outside. I tried to use a powerful magnet to get it out but it was not a metal that was attracted by a magnet. I tried to use a drop of hot glue on the end of a small screw driver and stick it to the broken piece but it was not (more…)

If You Build It They May Not Come

I hate being bored and when I am iI try to find something to work on. Back in May I thought I’d try to do something for my local friends and anyone who live in or near New Castle DE so I got the domain name I created a WordPress site then activated it’s network abilities. Also I added the BuddyPress plugin to make it more of a community site.

Desktops Are Magnets For Dust – Here Is Why

dusty fanIf you own a desktop computer chances are that it has built up some dust inside it. Occasionally I get a call about a computer that will shut down shortly after they turn iot on. I usually have a good idea what the problem is and this is one of them times.

Laptop For Sale $125

I just got done replacing a keyboard on a laptop I have for sale. It had a few buttons that were a bitThum-laptop-4s loose. I wanted to take a few photos along the way to post here but it made it take about 3x longer to do. I had to keep taking photos to get ones that were not blurred or showed up ok w/o flash washing everything out. Not all keyboards go in the same way so may be different depending on you model.

Pacific Rim Movie – Your Opinion

When I first saw commercials for this movie I knew I had to see this movie when I comes out. My Son and I are both huge fans of “Mechs” like in the game Mech Worrior or in one of Pacific Rim movie poster photomy all time favorite pc games ever Battlefield 2142. I also had the chance to be a beta tester in the all Mech online play-for-free game HAWKEN.

You can say I am a nut for any game where you can play a huge robot and explode crap all over the place. I ┬áthis movie I can’t operate the Mechs but I can be happy with just watching it on a bug screen at theater.

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